What is All American Icon?


Our icons will participate in a job interview so the viewers can get to know who each participant is. The questions will come from your resume and your social media.

Community Service

Giving back to your community is so, so important. Each participant will aim to further an existing hashtag campaign or begin their own,

Fun Fashion / Evening Gown

Show us your favorite formal attire. This can be an evening gown, but it can also be a cocktail dress high/low dress, or a really cool pantsuit.

Lifestyle & Fitness

Lifestyle & Fitness is ANYTHING you do to maintain your health. It can be exercises you do to stay in shape OR it can be healthy meals you make.

Optional Talent

While traditional talents are welcome, we also welcome unusual talents that can not be showcased in a theater. Due to the nature of this competition, your options for talent are WIDE open…literally. You could figure skate, swim, or even skateboard down a half pipe.

Social Media

Our social media mentors will guide you in building your social accounts and increasing your following.

Beauty Tips

Our beauty coaches will give you plenty of tips and tricks. You will learn how to create a flawless look for all your videos


With Intros & Icebreakers, you will make fun, quick videos that introduce you and your brand to the world!